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Office Blind Systems Factory
Office Blinds: Maintenance and Cleaning

In today's tough economic climate the need to replace existing blinds with new blinds may turn out to be an expensive process. Why not consider the alternative option.... Maintenance and Cleaning of your existing blinds.

Office Blind Systems can offer you a quality maintenance and/or cleaning service with a package tailored to meet your individual requirements.

We offer two very simple contracts over a one, two, three or four year contract period or any combination of contracts to suit your particular requirements.

For example....

Year 1 - Maintenance Only
Year 2 - Maintenance & Cleaning
Year 3 - Maintenance Only
Year 4 - Maintenance & Cleaning

Of course its up to you how many years you maintain and/or clean your blinds. Whatever your requirements we'll have a maintenance and/or cleaning contract to suit your needs.

Our Maintenance Only contracts include a full service to all your existing blinds to ensure they continue to operate at an optimum performance level. To include (where required) full lubrication, calibration, re-tensioning and to check all existing fixings. Any replacement parts required are charged at cost.

All our Maintenance and Cleaning contracts include all the Maintenance specification as above but include professional cleaning to give existing blinds a fresh new look. All blinds are removed from site and taken to our purpose built factory where the blinds will undego the finest Ultrasonic "soundwave" Cleaning methods (where possible). Our ultrasonic cleaning process removes dirt, dust, and grease film with sound waves. Unlike conventional cleaning methods, there is no scratching, streaking, smearing or other damage. The cords, ladders and slats come out sparkling clean.

Ultrasonic cleaning is safe and environmentally friendly.

Benefits & Sustainability
¤ Blinds collect pollution & harmful organisms that cause breathing problems and skin irritation.
¤ A clean and bright environment contributes toward a healthier and more productive office.
¤ Carpets and desks are cleaned frequently but blinds are difficult to clean properly.
¤ Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning can extend the life of your blinds by years!
¤ Replacing your blinds is expensive.
¤ Many blinds contain non-recyclable plastics or fibre-glass.
¤ Ultrasonic cleaning means solvents are unnecessary.
¤ We use only bio-degradable cleaning products.
¤ We collect your blinds and clean them off-site, so there is no mess!
¤ Ultrasonic cleaning will bring new life and shine to your blinds, making them look and work like New!

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